Since 1998, we have handcrafted some of the best running shallow water balsa crankbaits on the market. Every bait that we produce is designed to give that "rod-shaking" action with its erratic wobble and thumping retrieve. Each model is also designed to be pulled through moderate cover, much like a blade, without getting hung.

Originally designed for the Ohio River, our sales have expanded across most of the country. The D Bait has proven to be very effective in lake systems, including Kentucky Lake, Lake Chickamagua, and Lake Lanier. It has also proven effective in river systems like the Potomac, Arkansas and Ohio.

The key to the effectiveness of the D Bait is the erratic side-to-side action of each bait, combined with a lip and body design that give it a shake you can see and feel in the rod. Plastic lure companies can not match the action of a D Bait because their baits are not hand-tuned. Plastic crankbaits have a conservatively sized lip and lip angle because each model is mass produced. Each of our baits are tuned one at a time, allowing for bigger lips and more extreme lip angles. Each individual bait is designed to have a lip that nearly overpowers the bait, creating a life-like darting action. Our baits will "hunt" guaranteed. This erratic motion better imitates a shad as it darts through the water.

We have seven models available in over 25 colors. Each color is available in any model. We will also paint any custom color combinations that you request at no additional charge. Try one, tie one on and hold on to your pole!